Vita Motivator 1544

Vita Motivator 1544

Vita Motivator Model 1544

This portable model is used when larger quantities of liquids have to be handled. Fire Hose can be attached to both discharge and inlet connections. Greatest suction capacity is achieved by lowering eductor into space to be pumped out.

Some typical uses include:

  • Keeping bottoms dry during tank or hold washing operations.
  • Pumping water out of holds during firefighting operations.
  • Regular or emergency pumping of liquids or liquids with suspended particles from ballast, bilge, cargo space, pits, etc.
  • Fire Departments use for drafting water from pools, streams or lakes for wildland fires and to access alternate water sources. Eductor allows water to be supplied without hard suction hose.
  • Fire Departments use for dewatering flooded buildings, basements, boats and tanks.


Standard & Optional Materials of Construction:

Material Standard Optional
Body Bronze Aluminum / Stainless Steel
Nozzle Monel Stainless Steel
Strainer Bronze Aluminum / Stainless Steel

1. Optional strainer available.
2. Eductor can be supplied with inlet, suction and discharge hoses.
3. Eductor can be supplied with BSP or other threads.


General Performance Data:

Suction Capacity Motive Pressure Motive Flow Suction Lift Discharge Head
80-120 GPM 50-150 PSI 70-120 GPM 0-20 Feet 0-80 Feet
18-27 M3/H 3-10 BAR 16-27 M3/H 0-6 Meters 6-24 Meters