Vita Motivator

Vita Motivator eductors are Liquid Jet Pumps that use water or other  liquids under pressure to create a pumping action. VM standard eductors the inlet pressure liquid discharges through a single nozzle to start pumping action. They are self-priming and can handle liquid and solid mixtures. There are no moving parts to break down or wear out. Eductors are available with flanged or threaded connections, for portable use or for permanent  installation. They are used to pump liquids from chain Jockers, bilges, cargo holds, tanks or any space that has to be pumped dry.

Vita Motivator Bilgemate Eductors are peripheral jet type eductors with a  straight through unrestricted flow for the suction liquid, allowing larger pieces of suspended solids to be handled. The inlet pres­sure liquid is discharged through a multi-jet nozzle which make it possible to handle larger volumes of air. All these characteristics make this type suitable for pumping bilges, stripping ballast or priming large pumps. They cannot lose suction. Every gallon of inlet liquid (sea water) can pump up to 1 1/2 gallons of suction liquid such as bilge water.

Vita Motivator Series 1568 Vita Motivator Bilgemate
Permanently installed, the 1568 Flanged eductor is used for pumping liquids from cargo spaces, bilges, chain lockers or any area that has to be pumped dry. Also used for mixing or agitating liquids. Normally supplied with flanged ends, they are also available with threaded connections. Available in 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″ & 3″ in Bronze (standard) 316 stainless steel, carbon steel and cast iron. All V.M. Eductors are supplied to meet the requirements of each application. Permanently installed, Bilgemates are peripheral­jet type eductors. The unrestricted straight-through design permits no clog flow of liquid and solid mixtures. Available in sizes 2″ through 8″ and capable of passing solids up to 3-1/2″ (89mm). Ideal for pumping slurries, liquids and semi-solid cargo. Used for Bilge, ballast, handling water, sand, gravel and coal; Used for draining excavations, sumps and pits. Available In Bronze (standard), stainless steel, carbon steel and cast iron. The Bilgemate peripheral jet eductors, similar to models 925, 964 and 976 are used to pump bilges or cargo spaces that may have a mixture of solids and liquids.
Vita Motivator Series 1802 Vita Motivator 300-1 1/2″, 1544-2 1/2″ & 1554-4
Permanently Installed, 1802 models are used to strip bilges, ballast or other spaces that regularly have to be pumped out. Supplied in sizes from 4″ through 14″, the 1802 series eductors are high volume, high suction, efficient jet pumps. Applications include stripping and gas-freeing Cargo tanks, pumping bilges, pumping liquids and semi-solid cargo. General industry uses include mixing and agitating liquids and exhausting gases. These units can be lined with ceramic or other materials for abrasive applications. Available in Bronze (standard), also 316 stainless steel, carbon steel and cast iron. Permanently installed, 1802 models are used to strip bilges, ballast or other spaces that regularly have to be pumped out. Handy auxiliary pump for regular and emergency pumping of liquids. Removes liquids from ballast, bilge, cargo spaces, tanks and pits. Just attach hose from fire main or other source of liquid pressure and lower eductor into space to be pumped. Or, attach suction hose to reach the suction fluid. Uses include pumping water out of holds during tank and hold washing, or during firefighting. Fire departments use for drafting water from pools, etc. Allows access to alternate water source without hard suction hose. Also used for dewatering flooded buildings, basements and draining large excavations. Available with optional strainers, spare nozzles and adapters. Portable Eductors 300-1-1/2“, 1544-2-1/2″ and 1554-4” use inlet pressure from the fire main or other another source of liquid pressure. They are lowered into space to be pumped out.
Vita Motivator Deck Eductor Vita Motivator 1802-4″ MHC
Portable Deck Eductor is widely used on board tankers and rigs. Only the suction hose goes into the tank while the main unit remains on the deck. The Deck Eductor lifts liquids from 70′ (21 M), for removal of gasoline, fuel oils, lube oil and water after cleaning tanks. Suction flow rate of 10-15 GPM achieved when allowing clearance at suction nozzle for air intake. Available in Bronze (standard), also stainless steel and aluminum. Standard PVC, rubber or chemical suction hoses also available. Deck Eductors can be powered from the fire main and remains on deck. Only the non-collapsible suction hose goes into the tank to dry out remaining puddles of liquid. The 1802-4″ MHC is designed for handling slurry, scale, sand and liquid mixtures. Used for removal of sand blast shot, sludge and mud from ships and barges. Material is manually loaded into the hopper which has a heavy grate screen. Washdown spray jets supply water to convey all material to the main jetting flow. The hopper is removable to allow attachment of suction hoses. The heart of the MHC is a 4″ bronze eductor, useable in other applications when not used with the hopper. Accessories include suction hoses, discharge hoses, high and low pressure nozzles.